What is a computer



What is a computer? The computer is an English word. Computer means counting machine. It comes from Grice word computer. Many days ago the machine was used for counting, but now-a-day it uses for collect data and analysis, also to make presentations.

History of computers:

Computer means counting machine. The effort to invent counting machines is called history. The abacus, discovered in Babylon in pre-Christian 2400 for computational work, is considered to be the first instrument in machine history. Arranged in an abacus frame the cocoons were counted by changing their location. In 1616, Scottish mathematician John Napier use print or stain cut or bar for calculation work. The bars are known as the bones of John Napier. At first 1842, of 19 years old, French scientist Blaise Pascal Discovered the mechanical calculator.

In the early nineteenth century, Charles Babbage gives an idea of ​​a modern instrument. He named it Difference Engine. In 1833, gain the idea of ​​a more advanced instrument when working with differential engines. But He could not finish any of the work. He had a Lack of necessary equipment and money.

In 1971, microprocessors are invented and rapid development tends to happen of microcomputers.
Pc of different qualities and sizes are prevalent in the market and with that many operating systems were invented.

What is a computer?
Intel Corporation US

Microprocessor-based computers started to come into the market when Intel Corporation of the United States In 1971 invented the microprocessor. In 1971, comes in the market PC of IBM company. Then one by one high-powered microprocessor and powerful PCs continue to be created.

What is a computer?

Kinds of computer: They are three kinds of computers according to structure and circulation. They are –

  1. Analog.
  2. Digital.
  3. Hybrid.
  • Analog Computer: Subject to another sign that computer can measure a sum it’s called analog computer.
  • Digital Computer: The presence of voltage Expresses by 1 absence expresses by 0 digital computer can complete any math addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division process.
  • Hybrid Computer: Hybrid computers are a partial combination of analog and digital computers in terms of technology and fundamentals.
What is a computer?
Mini Computer

They are four kinds of computers according to size, price, usage, affordability. They are –

  1. Micro.
  2. Mini.
  3. Main Frame.
  4. Super.
  • Micro Computer: Microcomputers are also called personal PC.Microcomputers are formed with many small part like as Hard Disk, RAM, Micro-Processor etc.
  • Mini Computer: A mini-computer is a computer that can be used by more than half a hundred users at a time.
  • Main Frame Computer: Main frame computers are mainly used for important and large applications.For example- it is always use for big industry.
  • Super Computer: A very powerful and fast pc is called a super computer.The speed of this PC is about 1 billion characters per second.

They are two kinds of Micro Computer. They are –

  1. Desktop.
  2. Laptop.

Parts of PC:   

What is a computer?
Parts of PC
  • Central processing unit (CPU).
  • Monitor.
  • Mouse.
  • Keyboard.
  • RAM, ROM
  • Graphics card.
  • Mother Board.
  • Sound card.
  • Speakers.
  • Power Supply Etc.
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