Toxic Positivity Meme

Toxic Positivity Meme

Those who are believers of “good vibes only,” can identify with these toxic positivity meme. They look just the bright side and magically don’t solve all problems. If something bad happens, some people give comfort. They say some words-  good, it’s ok, everything will be ok, etc. But all positivity is not well. Well-meaning advice is not helpful and sometimes will make some things wrong. Before, If you have been hurt by those words, these toxic positivity memes will help you.

What Is Toxic Positivity?

People should maintain a positive mindset in difficult situations. it does not matter how dire a situation. This belief is called toxic positivity.

Life isn’t always positive. But positivity is good in life for mental well-being. We all have experienced painful emotions. These are very unpleasant. Nevertheless need be dealt with. Because to achieve acceptance and greater psychological health.

Toxic positivity always accepts positive thinking to an overgeneralized extreme. This attitude shows the importance of optimism. it also minimizes and even denies any trace of human emotions not being happy or positive.

sings of toxic positivity

Signs of Toxic Positivity

There are a few signs of toxic positivity. when you suffer from toxic positivity, you can see these signs.

1. Constant Brave or Poker Face

You have seen what is happening in your but all time you show your brave face. You think that all time needs to pretend to be happy. At this time too, when you are feeling anything but happiness. to fresh your mind you can follow Toxic Positivity Meme.

2. A Silver Lining

Another sign of toxic positivity is a silver lining. You are all time trying to find the silver lining in any situation. It may be dark or difficult the situation. Sorry to say that some situations are simply tragic, there has no silver lining to be found.

3. You Only See the Good in People

Have you Only Seen the Good in People? No matter what the people are bad or good. This is a sign of toxic positivity.

4. You Ignore Your Feelings

If you want to stop your emotions or to try to pretend to be good, then you discover toxic positivity in yourself. For toxic positivity, you Ignore Your Feelings. to avoid this type, you can see some Toxic Positivity Meme for little time.

5. You Dismiss Other People’s Feelings

That is not just you ignoring your own feelings, also you may dismiss the feelings of another person. You may think that other people’s feelings are not valid.

6. You Are Always Optimistic

You can see that you are always optimistic, no matter what is the situation. You think, should always be positive. Even when it’s not warranted.

Toxic Positivity Meme

The Harmful Effects of Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity can put harmful effects on both, it may be one person or many people together or a group.

toxic positivity can take you to feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. For toxic positivity, you may start to feel if you’re not happy all the time, you are not good enough. Toxic positivity can also lead to very harmful effects. When you are trying to put on a brave face or pretend to be happy, it affects your mental and emotional health.

On a group level, toxic positivity can make an environment where people in the group are afraid to open up about their true feelings. To avoid Harm for a small time, see Toxic Positivity Meme.

Examples of Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity can take a variety of forms. I Include Some examples below that you may have encountered in your own life

  • Telling Someone “Everything Happens for a Reason”

This is one of the most annoying things. If you can say someone, there is just something negative happening to them. This talk is the equivalent of saying “It will be worse” or “At least you are not dead.” It makes you indifferent to their pain. There doesn’t exist that you’re trying to find a silver lining.

  • Saying “Just Be Positive!”

When someone is feeling very bad,  they want to hear “just be positive.” It’s not that easy. It is unrealistic and unhealthy to be positive all the time. It is okay to feel angry, sad, or frustrated. Telling someone to “just be positive” does invalidate their feelings and tells them that they have a wrong feeling.

  • Pretending Everything is Fine

It is one of the most harmful things. Pretending everything is fine when it’s not is called ” burying your head in the sand”. It makes things much worse.

  • Laughing When Someone Else is Hurting

When someone else is hurting, it’s natural to want to make light of a situation. But laughing when someone else is in pain is not only insensitive, it’s cruel.

  • One-Upping Someone’s Sad Story

One-Upping Someone’s Sad Story is when you try to make your own problems seem worse than someone’s sad story. While you may think you are trying to get them to be grateful for what they have, you’re actually just narcissistic.

  •  “You Should Be Grateful for What You Have”

When someone is grieving, they want to hear how they should be grateful.

  • Only Posting Ideal Photos on Social Media

Many people use social media and use to make their lives look perfect. They only post ideal photos on social media and leave bad photos, and posts. They want to give people the impression that their life is perfect. This can make people compare themselves to you in an unhealthy way. 

How to Stop Doing toxic positivity

  1. Leave off telling them everything happens for a reason. Try to say, I am sorry that happened or say, that sounds really tough.
  2. Instead of Saying “Just Be Positive!, try to say “There are better days in the future” or “this will pass away”. You can encourage acknowledging these feelings, but not letting them take over.
  3. Leave pretending Everything is Fine. If you go through a tough time, then try to reach out for help. It is more important. Don’t try to face it alone.
  4. When someone is not comfortable, you should rush to help them.
  5. Make attention to other people speaking. Maybe, you can give an antidote for it.
  6. try to help them and focus on the positives in their life.
  7. To get relaxed from it, you can see the toxic positivity meme.

A funny toxic positivity meme will make you think

Love Everywhere – Toxic Positivity Meme

Toxic Positivity Meme

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Toxic Positivity Meme

 It’s Very Helpful – Toxic Positivity Meme

Toxic Positivity Meme

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Toxic Positivity Meme

Final Thoughts About 

Be careful and conscious of falling into the trap of toxic positivity. This type of thinking can be harmful to you. Also, it can be harmful to the people around you. So, try to ‍avoid toxic positivity. You can avoid toxic positivity by using the funny way to use the toxic positivity meme.

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