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SEO Tools

SEO tools is a new SEO tool that some people are talking about it for business. This tool is a leading option for businesses that want to learn about competitors that are claims on the tool’s website. It does cover the point of the compass of SEO tools in This review.

How SEO tools Works

The tool works as a Chrome extension with a Google search. Users use Google. First, open a Google start page. Then type in a search term. It will look similar to a regular Google SERP. It has several additional parts of the data There. The users will see a box at the bottom of every result. This box is for getting the same result as a regular search. Important SEO metrics are shown by the boxes for the top SERP. Users will modify or refine their SEO strategies with this information. It may assist in strategic planning. Because the SEO content includes some features.

SEO Tools

About SEO tools

The site has no link to a page about the company’s history. It was copyrighted in 2021. The website has a contact form but does not always work. Several users try to send messages to receive a response to inquiries. But their experience was errors. Because they were unable to send messages.

Online has little information without the same information on the webpage. At present, shown a link at the bottom to SEO consultation services which leads to a 404 error page.

The functionality of SEO tools

When researching on the internet about SeoView shown a few reviews that the tool performs the functions it claims to perform. Some users reported that it would not work on some foreign Google sites. For example, it would not work on It only worked on After all, SeoView is a tool that is fairly simple in its design and produces results quickly.

SEO tools Design and Graphics

SEO tools  tool design is simple. Those people are newer at SEO, for them this tool is very easy. They will be able to understand and use it easily. The graphics are very clear.  Anyone can adjust screen settings to view the metrics and features in a larger font if needed to view large font.

Features of SEO tools

Features of SEO tools

A video shows the tool’s key features which have on SeoView’s website as a demo video.

The main features of SeoView are below:

  1. It is shown keyword volume, competition, and CPC for a keyword search.
  2. For competitors, it displays domain authority.
  3. For competitors, it shows monthly traffic and the traffic cost.
  4. It shows the number of backlinks of each competitor.
  5. For top competitors, reveals Facebook and Google keyword data.
  6. It does provide millions of keyword suggestions. Also, it shows competing ads.

Pricing of SEO Tools  

Plans And Pricing of SEO Tools

SEO content  tools have two plans are –

  1. Offers a monthly subscription and
  2. Lifetime deal.

The lifetime deal is promoted as the most responsibility. Also, this site has a banner that displays a discount. The lifetime deal price is $59. Its price will be some over $47 with a 20% discount. The users have a limit of 1,000 keywords for research per month with SEO data, Facebook data, and backlinks for the lifetime deal.

On the other side, the monthly subscription is $27. (Keyword research is unlimited, the users have access to Facebook data, SEO data, and backlinks,) for the monthly plan.

PROS AND CONS of SEO Tools  has some pros and cons. It will help you to decide if the tool is something you want to use or not.


Here are all pros below-

  1. This tool design is very simple and easy to use it.
  2. SEO strategy planning includes several key metrics.
  3. It does offer many keyword suggestions.
  4. It does include long-tail keywords in keyword suggestions.
  5. When paying users request email support, they receive a quick response.

lifetime price


Here are all cons of SEO Tools or SEO content below-

  1. It may not work on foreign Google sites.
  2. There has not enough info about the company. Also, it has a contact form that is difficult for non-member site visitors.
  3. Some site links show 404 errors.
  4. Limits keywords search to 1000 per month for the lifetime price. Although allows unlimited keyword searches for monthly subscriptions.

Value of  SEO Tools

The site told me that is deal the price is for a limited time. To succeed in creating a sense the 20% discount certainly adds that urgency for site visitors to buy it. However, it may not be worth the investment even at a cost of a little more than $45. Disadvantages of the SEO content tool and how it compares to competitors considering it may not be an excellent value. It appears to be at first become acquainted. Also, keep in mind that free tools can accomplish at least 75% of the other SEO tasks. People are necessary to do apart from high-volume searches and tasks that require advanced functionality.


Although SEO software may sound enticing for its discount and on competitor’s online lifetime access to let you, spy. But you pay with such deals as you typically get. You can benefit from SEO content for some of the highlighted features which are free. Use competing toolbars from well-known names in SEO. For basic tasks, it is better to use a free toolbar. For a paid software program leave the complex ones to experts instead.


To show you important insights SEO toolbars can be very useful. All the necessary tasks do not fully cover by them for the strongest strategy. Without the right professional help and knowledge, building a strong SEO strategy can be a frustrating and complex process. Google’s algorithms change to add to the complexity. Per day the entity made an average of about 1.5 algorithms changes in 2010 alone according to Google’s CEO. There are still hundreds of changes per year. To satisfy algorithm specifications sites must be optimized.

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