How to make baby hairs grow faster


How to make baby hairs grow faster? Everybody wants self baby’s nice silky hair. But can be someone who doesn’t have nice hair.

For How to make baby hairs grow faster can use these tips.

  • Oil massage: Oil massage is very important for the baby’s head. It can help improve blood pressure. For it, you can take different oil, for example- Coconut oil, almond oil, amla oil, mustard oil, ayurvedic hair oil, olive oil, and castor oil.
  • Diet: Nutrition is essential for your baby’s growth and baby’s hair growth. Your baby needs plenty of vitamin D and protein foods ‍such as Pumpkin, big fish, carrots, nuts, eggs, etc. Rice is rich food for B12 and vitamin E. must include it in the child’s food list.
  • Keep the baby’s head clean with soap or shampoo: It is better to wash your child’s hair with baby shampoo once every two to three days to reduce the growth of dirt and keep the scalp clean.
  • Grooming: Just run the comb gently on the child’s scalp. It can help to get baby hair growth. Also, it can make blood circulation in the scalp. So it will very useful for your baby’s hair growth.
  • Try Different Products: Shampoo and conditioner are suitable for curly hair. But it is not suitable for straight hair. You can try different products to select a suitable product until you find the perfect product. To get proper products, try using different shampoos, and conditioners once each week. You will finally know which are useful for your child the best.
  • Use a Soft Towel: If you rub your baby’s hair with a dry towel then can damage the hair follicles. For this once, time hair will thin and fall hair.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E helps good for hair growth. So, give Vitamin E to food.
  • Iron: Iron is a very important element that is useful to grow your baby’s hair. Give your baby rich in iron food. For example green leafy vegetables, beans, pumpkin, and more.
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